Learn 2 Jive venues open at 7.30pm each evening and follow a similar format:

Beginners class at 8.00pm for about half an hour
Freestyle dancing
Intermediate class at 9.15pm
Freestyle dancing again until close at around 10.45pm

Most people join in the beginners class, even if they have been dancing a long time, to ‘warm-up’ and say hello to everyone.

Intermediate classes are for those with more than a few weeks experience, as the moves are more advanced. At all our classes a second separate beginners class is offered during the intermediate lesson, so that people who have been dancing 6 weeks or less can go over the basic steps repeatedly until they are confident with them.

Price List

7.30 until 10.45 - £6.00/£5.00 – Student Card Holders – £4.00 - School Attenders - £1.50
9.40 until 10.45 - £3.00
10.10 until 10.45 - Free

For more info phone Lynne 01942 683033 / 07773127507