Modern Jive is the latest dance craze sweeping the country. 300,000 dancers are enjoying it at venues across the UK. Incorporating moves from rock ‘n roll and salsa, it can be danced to various types of music, from 40s Swing, to Latino, to modern Chart music, as long as it has a regular beat.

It’s a fun way to keep fit, and a great social evening. Although it is a partner dance, you can come along on your own. Everyone moves around during the classes, so we all get a chance to practise the steps with different partners and meet new people. You don’t need any special clothing or shoes – wear something casual and cool (it can get very hot!) and on your feet, whatever you find comfortable to dance in.

Anyone can ask anyone to dance at Modern Jive, so ladies get asking! and you are not supposed to refuse, don’t be shy if you are invited to dance by a more experienced dancer, it’s a good way to learn. Most venues have dancers wearing T-shirts or a badge with the venue name – their job is to get new dancers up on the floor and help them to learn the basic steps. So don’t be afraid to get up if they ask you, or to ask them if you want to practise.